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Birmingham shipping container

New containers have been used once for Cargo and then sold.

alabama shipping containers

"Wind & Water Tight" 

good for storage.

Shipping Container modifications

Custom Containers, made specifically to customer specifications.


For shipping and storage containers, a lock box is a device that’s placed on the doors and provides a secure house which makes the lock inaccessible from all sides but the bottom.  This mechanism makes it very difficult for anyone trying to break into the container by cutting the bolt or hasp of the lock. Shipping containers do not usually have lock boxes installed on them when purchased from a shipping company.

Custom shipping container

About Us

Alabama Mobile Storage is a family-run business that specializes in selling and modifying shipping containers. We were the first business of this kind in the Birmingham area. Our storage containers can be modified to your specifications and requirements. We pride ourselves in prompt customer service. We offer competitive pricing for our sales and rentals, and will work with you to help provide solutions to your situation and needs. Shipping containers provide a cost-effective solution for secure on-site storage for almost any application. The possibilities are endless!

shipping container rental
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